Who Are We?

Christian Creative is a collective of artists and industry professionals based in Sonoma County, California but also includes members from other states and countries. As a collective, we seek to support one another as we share our gifts and talents within our communities and the world at large.


Whether you are a dancer, painter, poet, actor, producer or musician, we believe there is a special purpose and place for you within the Body of Christ.


Often times as artists we have worked in the world of the arts as lone rangers, we have abandoned our calls, and/or we have become wounded and discouraged over the years. Thus within Christian Creative, we have developed the following facets of our network that will cultivate an environment of healing, growth, and creativity so we can effectively fulfill the work God has for us to accomplish.


These facets include: (1) Quarterly "Pop-up" Coffee Christian Coffee House which hosts local musicians, artists and beyond (2) a (3) an online networking hub where artists, venues, and churches can set up a membership, profile and publicize their art within CCC and throughout the community.


If you identify with our vision, we welcome you to join us as we co-create and collaborate; refining and honing our God-given gifts as well as bringing forth the Good News of the Gospel! 


If you are interested in more information on the next meet-up, general information, or having musicians at your church or event please contact:


Mandy Brooks



Check back soon for news about awesome gigs, shows, and events or follow us on Facebook!

saxophone and rust


Founder, booking, productions, and talent development


Nancy Jensen

Andrew Mauldin

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